Claim data at your fingertips

Easily view every claim status, who is dealing with a claim, the claimant, incurred value and other relevant claim information. Use the 'Search for claim' search bar to filter down results displayed within the grid. Search for anything associated with a UCR such as a claimant, UCR number, associated risk number, etc. The Claims Hub also links to the RiskPro CLASS/ECF facility to allow you to view movements and responses for a UCR.


View UCR history

Every time a claim is updated, RiskPro logs the amendment and displays a trail of the changes. You can access this screen by clicking 'UCR History'. The new Claims Hub includes a Claim Diary Archive facility, which allows you to view every entry created within the system, even if the UCR was deleted within the Hub. 


Update claim status

You can update the status of a UCR and even set a warning to appear when a claim has been stagnant within a status for a defined period of time. 


RiskPro Documents

When a claim is generated within RiskPro, the system automatically creates a document storage area within RiskPro Documents for that specific claim. This allows for a paperless office for your claims department, as well as access to powerful tools to increase productivity.


Add multiple risks to a UCR

The associated risk of a claim is shown within the 'Associated Risks' screen. You also have the capability of adding more than one risk to a specific UCR/claim. 


Claim handler information

If you need to amend the claim handler, simply click 'Edit Contact Name' to select a company staff member, or enter a bespoke contact under 'Other Contact'.


Claim comments

Provide a comment against a claim. RiskPro keeps track of comment history so that you can go back in time and view previous comments that may have been overwritten or deleted.


Drill down, group and sort claims data

You can group by a specific column by dragging and dropping a column header from the grid to the blue bar above the grid. This example demonstrates how you can easily group claims by a claim handler.