• Use your own custom created products.

  • Capture entry through your own website.

  • Multiple languages are supported.

  • Allow trading partners the ability to upload documents when submitting a quotation.

  • Create custom wholesale and retail entry screens.

  • Create complex rating based on the entry form detail.


  • Setup workflow that allows back and forth negotiation within your custom portal.

  • Allow an administrator the ability to adjust rates, commissions and premiums etc. during the negotiation process.

  • Create custom quotation documents that can be instantly downloaded or sent via email during the negotiation process.

  • Create NTU process for later hit ratio reporting and analysis.


  • Send automatic confirmation emails to trading partners.

  • Automatically update your own system with the new risk. Our custom Report Designer is used to create a bespoke data extract of the entry that is then automatically delivered to your systems using FTP or Dropbox into various formats such as CSV, XML and DBF.


  • Create custom certificates and invoices etc. that can be downloaded or sent via email.

  • Give your trading partners access to a document portal that will allow future access to quotations, certificates and invoices etc.


  • Use our custom Report Designer to analyse your data.

  • Create charts.

  • Easily create Bordereaux and Triangulations.

  • Automatically schedule reports to be delivered in various formats using various delivery mechanisms. 

  • Send a spreadsheet weekly to a Dropbox account.

  • Send a PDF report on the last day of the month via email.

  • You may want to send bound risks to a third party claims administrator. You can send a CSV to their server using FTP each night.