RiskPro 7 Documents Update

Introducing Notes

Within the newest release of RiskPro 7 Documents, you can now compile notes with one click. Under the Document tab, you will see a new button called "Note". Click the "Note" button and you'll be greeted with a simple, clean and intuitive notepad. Tag the note as either a General Note, Phone Note, Urgent Note or a To-Do Note.

Upon saving the note, you'll see that the note type will be displayed with an icon under the type column on the main RiskPro 7 Documents screen. To open the note, click the "Open" button under the Document tab.

You may also search for your notes under "Show All Documents", or using the RiskPro 7 Documents search utility located under the "Search" tab.

Hop back in time with File Versioning

When changing a file within RiskPro 7 Documents, you will now automatically be presented with a change log that displays the previous date and time that the specific file version was saved. You can open the document and continue from where you left off from that specific moment in time.