New Maintenance/Security facility

Settings Menu.PNG

Within the Settings menu, you will see a new 'Maintenance' button. Once you've clicked on the 'Maintenance' button, you will see 3 new programs available to you.

Maint Menu.PNG
Maint Progra.PNG

The 'Programs' facility contains all of the programs/features available within RiskPro and RiskPro Assistant. If DataPro writes a bespoke program for your company, a program code will be provided to the administrator allowing access to the new program.


The 'Group Profile' facility allows an administrator to define a group and add associated programs to that group. For example, you can create a 'Claims' group and add programs that would be used by the Claims Department. After creating the group, you can add the appropriate users to the group which grants them access in RiskPro to the added programs.


When opening a group you can see an overview of the users that belong to the group, as well as the programs that they have access to. Clicking the eye icon on a program row within the grid is a shortcut into the 'Program Maintenance' facility. The maintenance window is shown below. Clicking on the eye icon on a group row within the grid is a shortcut back to the 'Maintain Group Profile' facility.


The 'Checkins' facility allows a company administrator to see the last time a user was logged into RiskPro.

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