February 2019 RiskPro Assistant Update

Document preview

The new Preview feature is accessible within the Documents area ribbon menu. Once the Preview button is toggled, the Preview window will appear displaying the document contents. This feature works with Outlook emails, Word documents, Excel documents and PDF documents. This feature is especially useful when working remotely on a PC that doesn’t have Microsoft Office installed.


File email attachments separately upon drag and drop

When dragging and dropping an email into the Documents area that contains attachments, the email and attachment will appear in the ‘Select files to import’ window. If the ‘File attachments separately’ tick box is ticked, the attachment and email will be filed separately within the Documents area. If left unticked, the attachment will remain within the email and filed as one file within the Documents area.


Option to only show current transactions when producing Debit/Credit Notes

Upon selecting a Debit or Credit Note template, the ‘Only show current transactions’ tick box will appear. If ticked, only current transactions appear. If unticked, historic transactions appear as well as current transactions. This assists in locating the relevant transaction more efficiently.


Double click on a file to open

You can now double click on a document within the Documents Area to open the file, the same way as within the Windows operating system.


Right click on a file to copy or move


You can now copy or move a file by selecting single or multiple files, then right click on one of the selected files. The ‘Copy or Move Files’ window will then appear which will allow you to either copy or move the file to a different folder within the same or different risk

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