March 2019 RiskPro Assistant Update

Right click on a file to view menu

·         You can now right click on a file within the Documents area to reveal menu options such as opening, copying, renaming and downloading a file. You can also convert a document to PDF format from the right click menu. This new feature allows you to access the facilities you use the most in the Hybrid much more efficiently.


Drag and drop onto a folder to file documents

·         To file a single/batch of documents directly into a folder, simply drag and drop the files onto the relevant folder in the tree view and the files will be filed into the specified location.

Change filing destination on a per file basis upon drag and drop

·         You can change the filing destination for each file you drag and drop into the Documents area. For example, if you would like to file multiple documents at once but in different locations, simply select and drag and drop the files into the Documents area, click the blue folder icon under ‘Change Filing Destination’ and specify the risk/folder path.


·         Move the file to another folder within the same risk or select a different risk by entering the risk number in the risk control. You can click the blue clock icon to view recently opened risks and select the desired risk. You will then be presented with the risk document folders you can file into.

·         You can now create folders on the fly when copying or filing documents by selecting the parent folder for the new folder, then click the ‘New Folder’ button. A new folder will then be created, and you can file or copy the document into that new folder location.

Right click on a folder to view menu

·         You can right click on a folder in the tree view to have access to options such as creating a new folder within the selected folder, copy/move the folder, rename and deleting the folder.


File email attachments in a separate location to email

·         When dragging and dropping an email into the Documents area, if ‘File attachments separately’ is ticked, you can specify if you’d like to change the filing destination for the email attachments. This means that email attachments can be filed in a separate folder/risk location to the original email. Simply, click the blue folder button under ‘Change Filing Destination’ to specify the location.

Sam StopplerComment