New Document Security Facility


If you have the security option, you’ll see ‘Document Security’ under the ‘Management’ tab.


Document Security groups will be shown within the above screen. From this screen, you can either create, open/edit or remove a group.


When either creating or editing a group, you’ll be presented with the above screen.

You can disable features such as creating, copying, downloading, deleting, emailing, renaming, opening, converting a document or folder.

To add a location that you wish to disable features within, first click ‘Add Location’. You can then select either risk, risk documents folder, company documents, personal documents or apply system wide.


Adding a risk: -

Click the ‘Add Risk’ drop-down. Then enter a keyword associated with a risk such as a title, assured, post code, etc. The relevant risks will then be returned within the results grid. To select a risk, tick the box next to the desired risk, then click the ‘Add Location’ button.


Adding a risk documents folder: -

Click the ‘Add Risk Documents Folder’ drop-down. Enter a risk number and then the relevant directory will appear within the tree view. Select the desired folder and click ‘Add Location’.


Adding a company documents folder: -

Click the ‘Add Company Documents’ drop-down. Select the desired folder, then click ‘Add Location’.


Adding a personal documents folder: -

Click the ‘Add Personal Documents’ drop-down. Select the desired folder, then click ‘Add Location’.


Add system wide: -

Click the ‘Add System Wide’ drop-down. Tick ‘Add permissions system wide’, then click ‘Add Location’.


Add file to a group: -

Go into the desired risk documents area. Select the relevant file and then click ‘Add to Document Security Group’.


Note: - Only users with the Document Security option code will be able to add files to a Document Security group.


All Document Security groups will appear within the above screen. Select the group that you’d like to apply the file security against. Then click ‘Add to Group’.

Add user(s) to a group: -

Click ‘Add User’ on the ‘Maintain Document Security Group Profile’ screen.


Select the users you’d like to add to the group, then click ‘Ok’.

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