The complete insurance broking system.



RiskPro provides all of the necessary tools for Insurance Broking within the London Market. From quotations, all the way through to accounting, RiskPro greatly simplifies and manages the Broking process. RiskPro incorporates Electronic Messaging functionality for A&S, ECF (including CLASS) and Electronic Endorsement



Enter and track your quotations.

Quotations can be captured within RiskPro and easily turned into orders at the touch of a button. Documentation can be generated which will the form part of the order. Reports can be produced which will show quotation/order hit ratios.


Placing risks

Enter multi-section and multi-market risks covering numerous business classes.

Risk information is entered which will be automatically included into various documents by using system wide templates to insure all documentation in standard throughout the company. RiskPro has the ability to capture risks containing multiple sections and markets. RiskPro caters for non-marine, marine, reinsurance and many other business types. Core risk information is entered once and used for the progression of the risk through to Electronic Messaging, accounting and claims.


Binding authorities

Declarations and covers, made easy.

RiskPro will allow the creation of binding authority risks that can then be used to create declarations against. Declaration risks can have a 100% declaration, partial open market participation or a mix of cover lines and open markets. RiskPro has powerful bordereau processing capabilities which can identify and select declarations to then form bordereaus which can then be generated as a PDF or spreadsheet. With a single click, the accounting transactions can be created to pay the bordereau.



Fast document production, file and search. Making your paperless office a reality.

RiskPro utilizes Microsoft Word templates to automatically generate documentation such as quote slips, placing slips, cover notes, debit notes, endorsements and cover note addenda's at the touch of a button. These documents can then be edited and with a simple button click can be converted to a secure PDF and mailed straight from RiskPro. Any file type can be simply dragged and dropped into RiskPro including emails and the system's powerful search capability will allow you to search every document and email including attachments in seconds. RiskPro can also make your office paperless by inserting signatures into the documents with just one click. Within RiskPro documents, you can also create notes within seconds. You can tag the note as a phone call note, to-do note, urgent or just simply a general note. Hop back in time with File Versioning. You can see previous versions of your documents and open the previous version of the file with just one click, so you never have to worry about making a mistake whilst editing and saving a document.



Create endorsements. Deliver to the market, electronically.

Endorsements including mid-term market changes are all handled within RiskPro. Endorsement documents and cover note addenda's can easily be created and the Electronic Endorsement functionality allows you to simply deliver this to the market. AP and RP accounting transactions can be created if required. RiskPro creates a full audit trail for all Endorsements.



Create claims. Deliver to the market, electronically.

Enter losses within RiskPro and generate accounting entries including partial payments. Keep track of reserves and outstanding payments. Third party payments can be generated to loss adjusters, surveyors and lawyers. etc. Generate claim forms including LCCF. Claims can be delivered to the market via CLASS and ECF. Triangulations can be run that include premiums and loss ratios.



Industry compliant IBA accounts. Easy to use.

RiskPro incorporates a fully functional IBA double sided multi-currency accounting system. Transactions are created for risks which can include instalments and a debit note/invoice can be produced at the touch of a button. Cash can be entered once received which will be linked to the transactions. Full aged analysis reporting, trial balance, funding and numerous reports are available.


New features and update

The latest release of RiskPro is now available to clients.