8th May, 2017

Added contact name to Class responses screen


2nd May, 2017

Interface enhancements between RiskPro 6 and the Assistant.


24th April, 2017

New CLASS PDF features.

The first new feature is that all emails dragged over to the entry screen will be converted into a PDF rather than remaining a MSG file.  The second new feature is a purple PDF merge button that allows various individual documents (Word Documents, PDFs and Images)  to be converted and merged into one PDF so that the Underwriter will only have one document.

Please see the video below to see these new features.

30th March, 2017

New drop down menu called 'UCR Info' in 'CLASS Responses' screen which enables the user to view responses for a selected UCR, as well as displaying all of the movements for a selected UCR.

22nd March, 2017

Class enhancements and bug fixes.

17th March, 2017

Add "L" code (Part of a block entry) to the Class Entry screen.

16th March, 2017

Full stop character permitted in name when dragging and dropping emails and files. Also, there is a new file extension column that is shown when dragging and dropping emails and files.

24th February, 2017


Allow the deletion of inserted text after a given placeholder when building a document.


6th February, 2017


Performance improvements within CLASS responses and outstanding screens.

CLASS responses screen now has a day filter to improve performance.

CLASS will now ask you to confirm deselection of rows after multiple selection and then accidentally clicking outside of the checkbox on another row.

12th January, 2017

Fixed bug that crashed the assistant when an email with no subject is dragged and dropped into a folder.

10th November, 2016

New notes feature in CLASS response screen.  Simply click the pen icon or the colour square within the comment column to enter text or set a colour.

New Underwriter ID and contact details within Response Details screen.  Please note that the message that we receive does not contain the same details that are shown within the CLASS interactive system.  We only receive the user ID, the contact name and telephone number if entered by the Underwriter's systems.