3rd october 2018

  • NEW FEATURE: There is a new email notes maintenance facility within the Settings area. You can add standard email notes that will appear for a user to select in a drop-down menu within the email filing facility and when they drag and drop an email into the documents area.

  • NEW FEATURE: Company administrators now have the option to mandate that users enter email notes when filing an email.

  • NEW FEATURE: Users can now file an email under multiple risks at once.

  • NEW FEATURE: ‘Email Filed By’ and ‘Email Filed On’ columns have been added within the documents area so that a user can see who filed an email and when.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Within the Claims Hub, by default no UCRs will appear unless you enter a UCR within the search box. The relevant records will appear if the UCR contains a number sequence that was entered in the ‘Enter a UCR’ search box.


21st august 2018

  • NEW FEATURE: Company administrators can start, stop and view error logs for DataPro services that run on your company server.

  • ENHANCEMENT: RiskPro will mandate and prompt users to change a file name that contains '$' or '£' if sending via A&S.

The new 'Service Control' facility will appear under the Settings menu if you have administrative rights.

The new 'Service Control' facility will appear under the Settings menu if you have administrative rights.



19TH JUNE, 2018

  • NEW FEATURE: Requires option code: Any documents that are saved under the quote documents area will be copied over to the placing documents area, along with their parent folders to recreate the same folder structure as in the quote documents area.

current (1).png

11TH JUNE, 2018

  • NEW FEATURE: Claims Hub: Add associated claims to a UCR.

  • NEW FEATURE: Settings: Toggle on/off RiskPro Assistant top most.

  • NEW FEATURE: Market List available within the Hybrid.

  • NEW FEATURE: Claims Hub: Drag and drop files onto the Claims Hub to upload files to selected claims, as well as associated UCRs.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Document template setup visual update.


21st may, 2018

  • NEW FEATURE: CLASS users now have the ability to produce a Claims Enquiry PDF that displays relevant claim information. Within the 'CLASS Entries' screen for a UCR, you will now see a ‘Print to PDF’ button on the menu ribbon as shown below. Once you click the button, a PDF will be produced. The PDF will be saved within your local My Documents folder under a new folder called ‘Claims Enquiries’.



27TH APRIL, 2018

  • BUG FIX: There is no longer an issue when filing an email into RiskPro that contains a pipe-character in the subject line.


26th april, 2018

  • NEW FEATURE: Company administrators can now manage a user's access to RiskPro programs. For more information, click here.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Claims Hub: You can now change the status of multiple UCRs in one hit, rather than on an individual UCR basis.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Claims Hub: Screen tables are colour coded to semi-transparent pink in order to distinguish Claims Hub screens.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Company administrators now have the ability to see users that are currently logged into RiskPro.

  • ENHANCEMENT: RiskPro Assistant icon updated.

  • BUG FIX: Claims Hub: The UCR status will not be reset to 'File created' if a user makes an amendment to a claim within RiskPro.

  • BUG FIX: Claims Hub: 'Status Change Date', 'Last Updated By', UCR History and the Archive does not get affected upon opening a claim within RiskPro.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Claims Hub: Retrieving claims in the Claims Hub is now extremely fast due to the back-end services being re-engineered.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Claims Hub: Upon making a change to a claim in RiskPro, a user's Claims Hub will reload to display updated data.


24th april, 2018

  • BUG FIX: Enhanced MySQL connection efficiency.


16th APRIL, 2018

  • NEW FEATURE: Claims Hub facility now available to clients. If interested, please request more information from DataPro.

  • NEW FEATURE: You can now require 2 directors to sign/approve documents. More information is available on the news page.


8th APRIL, 2018

  • ENHANCEMENT: If using a laptop with RiskPro Assistant and switch over to a monitor with a different resolution, the windows will come back into view if the window's last position was out of bounds.

  • ENHANCEMENT: You can now include a caller when writing a telephone note in the documents area.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Security update.

download (1).png

13th March, 2018

  • ENHANCEMENT: Exit button has been relocated on main menu ribbon bar.

  • ENHANCEMENT: Vitol tab only appears to Vitol Portal users.

  • ENHANCEMENT: When clearing system/user preferences, Documents area now returns to default window positioning.


5th March, 2018

  • NEW FEATURE: Open a risk within RiskPro 6 from the Risk Search screen in RiskPro Assistant. Within the main menu ribbon, start by entering data associated with a risk such as insured post-code, risk title, etc. and then click 'Risks'. The Risk Search screen will then appear with the relevant risks. You'll see that there are two buttons on each row of the returned risks. The documents button opens up the Risk Documents screen in the RiskPro Assistant and the risk button opens up the risk within RiskPro 6.

  • NEW FEATURE: Directors can now electronically sign and encrypt documents stored in RiskPro with ease. Firstly, the broker would click on the 'Document Signing' drop-down menu within RiskPro Assistant Documents area and then click 'Request Second Signature' on the selected document. The director will then receive a desktop notification alerting them that a document is awaiting their review for a signature. The director will have a single window that will allow them to open/review the document and then easily electronically sign or reject signing the document. If the director chooses to reject, they can provide wording explaining why the document was declined. The broker would receive a desktop notification alerting them that a document signing response has been received. The broker would go into the Document Signing area (located on the Main Menu ribbon) to review the reason for rejection. If the director was to sign the document, an encrypted PDF will immediately be generated within the relevant risk document's area containing the director's signature. The broker will also immediately receive a desktop notification that a document signing response has been received. The broker can go into the Document Signing area and see that their document has been signed and also open the encrypted PDF from that screen, as well as being able to also open the file from the Risk Documents area. Click here to watch a tutorial on the new Electronic Signing feature.

  • ENHANCEMENT: The 'Select Section' area within the Build Document window now contains a scrollbar, instead of extending the window height.


23rd February, 2018 (current version)

  • NEW FEATURE: Turn on/off top-most setting on main menu ribbon. This toggle button is located under the Setup tab.

  • NEW FEATURE: Print CLASS Response to PDF. This was feature requested by the Claims Department.

  • NEW FEATURE: Added BETA Update History Log.

  • BUG FIX: Build document bug fix.