Build a document in seconds

Your company document templates are loaded into RiskPro. Simply select the relevant outline, select the section and provide a document title. Your document is then created within seconds with the relevant risk information already filled in.


Securely stored in the cloud

Your documents are securely saved within the cloud. Staff members with the correct security permissions can access RiskPro Documents outside of the company enabling them to work on the go.


Take note

Take a note within the risk documents. You can select the type of note such as a general note, to-do item, urgent task or a telephone note. When a note is entered against a risk, you can search for the note within RiskPro and the associated risk will be displayed.


Attach RiskPro documents to Outlook

Upon clicking 'Send Email' against the selected file in RiskPro Documents, you will be greeted with the option to rename the document to a title that a client would be familiar with, such as 'Insurance Document'. RiskPro can also convert Word documents to PDF upon attaching your file to an email, saving you the hassle and cost of using a third party PDF converter.


Email filing made simple

When sending an email with an attached document from RiskPro, a tag will automatically be placed within the email subject line. Once the recipient replies to your email, the email is automatically filed under the original risk document folder.


Fast and powerful search capabilities

Enter a keyword such as 'Hong Kong' and RiskPro will interrogate every document and email, along with email attachments within seconds. If a PDF is searchable, RiskPro will interrogate the document to find the desired keyword. The search facility also displays the associated risk, along with the file location. 


Request document signatures from directors

Technicians and brokers can request their documents to be signed by a company director with one click. The director will be notified that a document is pending signature. Directors have the ability to sign or reject a document signature. If a director were to reject a document, they can provide a reason which would then be displayed to the requester. When a director elects to sign the document, the document is converted into a PDF, electronically signed and encrypted.


Travel back in time to view document amendment history

Have you ever made a change to a document and then needed to revert back to a previous edit? Worry no longer. RiskPro Documents allows you to travel back in time and view all document amendment history. You can toggle the feature on/off for your convenience.