Intuitive and familiar interface

RiskPro is fully adapted for touch display support, as well as regular desktop PC use. This means you can use RiskPro on your Windows powered tablet, or on your PC in your office. 

You can use the search box to find a program or facility within RiskPro simply by entering associated keywords such as 'Risk' or 'Bordereaux'.

The programs and features that your company subscribes to will appear as tiles on the main menu.


Office 365 integration

RiskPro can interface to your Office 365 account to allow for email filing. 


Email filing

RiskPro can interrogate your Office 365 Outlook inbox and automatically file emails containing specific keywords such as a risk number or client. If a keyword is found and matched, RiskPro will file the email into the relevant risk documents folder.

If sending an email from RiskPro Documents, a tag will be placed in the subject line to ensure that email responses will be saved back to the appropriate risk.

If a collegue is unavailable to attend to their inbox, an administrator can allow for other RiskPro users to have access to the user's inbox.


RiskPro Documents

You can build Word document templates that can retreieve relevant risk, client or accounting data from RiskPro. Your data is securely stored within the cloud. Take notes within a risk documents area. Attach RiskPro documents to Outlook with a single click. Convert Word documents to PDF on the fly. Fast and powerful search capabilities baked in. Easily request document signatures from directors.


AI made simple

When sending an email with an attached document from RiskPro, a tag will automatically be placed within the email subject line. Once the recipient replies to your email, the email is automatically filed under the original risk document folder.


Fast and powerful search capabilities

Enter a keyword such as 'Hong Kong' and RiskPro will interrogate every document and email, along with email attachments within seconds. If a PDF is searchable, RiskPro will interrogate the document to find the desired keyword. The search facility also displays the associated risk, along with the file location. 


Request document signatures from directors

Technicians and brokers can request their documents to be signed by a company director with one click. The director will be notified that a document is pending signature. Directors have the ability to sign or reject a document signature. If a director were to reject a document, they can provide a reason which would then be displayed to the requester. When a director elects to sign the document, the document is converted into a PDF, electronically signed and encrypted.


Travel back in time to view document amendment history

Have you ever made a change to a document and then needed to revert back to a previous edit? Worry no longer. RiskPro Documents allows you to travel back in time and view all document amendment history. You can toggle the feature on/off for your convenience. 


Administrative tools and system maintenance

Company administrators can maintain the security options and programs for a user. You can create groups that contain a set of option codes and add users to that group. For example, you can create a 'Claims' group and add Claims programs to that group. Then add the users to the new 'Claims' group. The group's users will then have access to the programs that you have just added to the new 'Claims' group.

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