25th June, 2014

  • New feature to unhide filed emails.


24th June, 2014

  • Minor visual changes across the UI.

16th June, 2014

  • New modern metro theme implemented throughout the entire UI.

3rd March, 2014

  • Show scroll bars in email filing screen which is necessary for filing into risks etc. with many folders.

31st January, 2014

  • Add/remove email feature to the email filing screen.

26th January, 2014

  • Modify email filing and document screens to show descriptions of claims as a tooltip when the mouse hovers over the UCR folder under Root\Claims.

31st October, 2013

  • New email note tagging feature.

30th October, 2013

  • New email note feature introduced to documents. This is implemented in RiskPro 7 and and RiskPro 6 Hybrid Documents.

12th August, 2013

  • Add password protection for final document signing.


11th August, 2013

  • Add initialing capability.

3rd May, 2013

  • Scroll expanded outline folders up so that scrolling is not necessary during the build process.
  • Allow quote documents with blank market areas to be selected when creating the linked quote slip document.

25th April, 2013

  • The risk title can now be used to automatically form part of the document name when building documents.

14th April, 2013

  • Fix installation so that the browser window closes once installed.

4th April, 2013

  • Filter selected templates when building documents so that appropriate documents are shown for quotes and firm orders. 


14th January, 2013

  • Fix problem whereby send email button didn't work.

12th December, 2012

  • Add risk number and UCR in subject when sending email.

6th December, 2012

  • Add UCR in subject when sending email.


23rd October, 2012

  • Remove all RiskPro Documents temporary files from the recent places list within Windows.


18th September, 2012

  • New feature allows any document from the quotation to be inserted into the risk that came from the quote.

7th September, 2012

  • Fix problem whereby once RiskPro is minimised and the closed down on the task bar, reentry would always minimise the application.

23rd August, 2012

  • Fix uppercase issue on Risk Number, Account Number and Login screen whereby the cursor jumped to the end of the field.

2nd August, 2012

  • Change to create date and time subfolder under MyDocuments/RiskPro so that all documents are saved with full history.

1st August, 2012

  • Added "Show All Documents" button to show all documents fielder under a risk.

24th July, 2012

  • Fixed issue with documents screen crashing and going white once the screen has been maximised and the reopened.

17th June, 2012

  • Today we have released a screen launcher with search facility within RiskPro. This launcher will allow you to use to use a keyword to reveal functionality and resources within RiskPro. For example, you can search for "Trial" and get presented with a Trial Balance report that you can run or "Signing" to get a tutorial video on document signing simply by clicking the found items.

In addition, programs and resources can be pinned in order to build a customised menu. There is also a "Open on Start" option to open the launcher automatically on entry into RiskPro.

14th June, 2012

  • Updated RiskPro Reports to now show descriptions of each report.
  • Reports menu is now shown in it's own window rather than being presented on the desktop so that the menu can be docked on your screen for quick access to reports.
  • Searching through reports now also scans the description in addition to the name.

13th June, 2012

  • Changed account number to control to to link to reports rather than documents.

12th June, 2012

  • Increase report menu height.
  • Add various new reports.

10th June, 2012

  • Fix screen jump on resizable windows.
  • Add various new reports.

19th May, 2012

  • Initial version release.


In order to get the latest update, please restart RiskPro.