System overview

RiskWeb is a system that will import, validate and write spread sheets into a large database. This database can then be interrogated and reports can be scheduled, used in-house or distributed to your clients.

Modern metro styling

A clear view. Your way.

RiskWeb expresses a new clean feel throughout the application, showcasing the metro theme which provides an easy to use, clean interface. Each tile clearly displays the action as well as a customizable layout. You can change the colour of the tile tile depending on the product as well as the tile size.

Upload a spreadsheet

Drag and drop. Easy to use.

Upload your spread sheets for validation in the upload client in RiskWeb. Simply drag and drop the file from your computer onto RiskWeb and await for validation. You may also browse for a file located on your machine.

Real-time validation

Upload. Get instant validation.

Upload your spread sheets for validation in the upload portal in RiskWeb. Simply drag and drop or browse to select a file from your computer onto RiskWeb and await for validation. 

Spreadsheet data confirmation made easy

Review. Decline. Accept.

RiskWeb enables the broker to review incoming data. The broker can then either accept or decline the upload. If the upload is declined, the broker can then specify the reason for declining the spreadsheet which is then presented back to the user.


Report designer

Get creative. Be powerful. It's intuitive.

RiskWeb allows the user to create reports based on RiskPro, RiskWeb and 3rd party data. Create extensive reports and charts which can be scheduled or delivered immediately in numerous formats. Report designer can be ran from any internet connected PC.

RiskWeb portal

Creativity. Connectivity. Portability.

RiskWeb portal allows end users to view reports and enter information through forms directly into RiskWeb. The portal is fully customizable to your taste and allows for flexibility based on your client's needs.



RiskWeb installation

Quick. Easy. Hassle free.

RiskWeb is built upon the .NET framework, using the latest technologies such as WPF. The program can be installed on any computer that is running Windows. RiskWeb is installed within seconds using a one-click installer, then login with your credentials once installed.