27th February, 2017

  • Locked variable bug fixed within Report Designer.

24th February, 2017

  • Validation will work across all fields within a row in a spreadsheet.

18th January, 2016

  • Upgrade to the latest UI components for efficiency.

24th November, 2014

  • Fix startup issue where RiskWeb gets minimised and can't be opened.

15th September, 2014

  • New security update whereby user is locked out for 24 hours if the user's password has been entered incorrectly 3 times.

6th May, 2014

  • Enforce complex passwords within user maintenance.

24th April, 2014

  • Enforce complex passwords.

2nd April, 2014

  • Fix report viewer whereby exporting repeated saved dialogue.

14th March, 2014

  • Add SFTP protocol to the scheduled reports feature.

25th February, 2014

  • Temporarily disable the set paid button in cash entry to avoid over payment.

24th February, 2014

  • Add document download to DoPrint maintenance screen.


11th February, 2014

  • Added enforced password change after 90 days.

3rd February, 2014

  • Fix duplicated fields bug in reporting data.

28th January, 2014

  • Add "kill process" option to MySQL monitoring program.

27th January, 2014

  • Make small tiles an option.
  • Introduce a MySQL monitor program.

26th January, 2014

  • Small tiles will now appear whenever the content can fit.
  • Fix: Tile group text should not be overlapped by tiles.

23rd December, 2013

  • Add new feature to change tile colour or group name of multiple selected tiles rather than individually.

9th December, 2013

  • When uploading a Spreadsheet, RiskWeb will now try to automatically select the period by looking the uploaded Spreadsheet file name.

6th December, 2013

  • New modern Windows 8 style interface.


14th December, 2013

  • Integration of Lloyd's DoPrint.
  • Update to latest version of Stimulsoft's report designer.
  • Change window dimension defaults on initial display of screen to be as large as possible within RiskWeb application. This will show improved views of the program at launch.
  • Fix bug on data grid parameter within report generator. Previously ticked items weren't saved.


25th July, 2013

  • Update report designer with latest release.

3rd May, 2013

  • Ensure that the loading designer message isn't cleared prior to the report being fully loaded in the report designer.
  • Validate and reject spaces in aggregate labels.

23rd April, 2013

  • Report designer will ignore possible errors with the setup of data relationships so that the designer will be presented on the screen rather than closing down.

21st April, 2013

  • CrossTab control now saves settings.
  • Data transformation now displays parameter screen when the transformation type is changed.
  • Play support to indicate that an update is available.

20th April, 2013

  • Added a triangulation routine which allocates 50% of premium in periods 1 and 13.
  • Enabled enter key to confirm the login screen in addition to using the mouse.

18th April, 2013

  • Added bespoke reports scheduling feature.

15th April, 2013

  • Capture the report owner in the Bespoke Designer.
  • Add a filter to the reports shown in the Bespoke Designer.

14th April, 2013

  • Change main menu to black and white.
  • Introduce report scheduling.
  • Automatic installation process when RiskWeb is first accessed through a Browser.
  • Minor bug fixes.

4th April, 2013

  • Report designer fixes by Stimulsoft :-

            - Relations can now be edited.

            - New Office 2013 theme.

            - New chart styles for Office 2013.

            - Many other minor changes.

2nd April, 2013

  • The menu system has been changed to introduce a main menu and other options including the Excel Spreadsheet upload are now a sub-option of that. This is to allow future options to be implemented. Use the left arrow at the top left of the screen to go back to the main menu.
  • If you only have the Spreadsheet upload option, you will start at the upload screen.
  • If you only have the report running option, you will start at the report selection screen.

28th March, 2013

  • Modification to allow Triangulation total data blocks to have as many columns as the main detail selection.

27th March, 2013

  • Fixed display issue when modifying user parameters.

25th March, 2013

  • New Data Transformation feature to enable data to be shaped so that complicated reports such as a triangulation can be easily generated.
  • Checkbox field now correctly shows rather than overlaying another control.

21st March, 2013

  • Minor bug fix for date control.

20th March, 2013

  • Parameter screen will now size within the heigh of the monitor and a scrollbar will show if there are items that don't fit on the screen.

19th March, 2013

  • The new date parameter control. The date can be set to just capture the year, year and month and full date.
  • The height of the Text box control can be set so that longer input can be captured.
  • Fix bug with whereby no data is shown when there are no data parameters.

18th March, 2013

  • Fix save report issue.
  • Correct viewer issue when using more than one product data source in report designer.
  • Data Source, Parameters and User area heigh automatically adjust.


In order to get the latest update, please restart RiskWeb.