Get bordereau data

  • Use RiskWeb from any location.

  • Easily create you own custom products.

  • Both written and paid uploads can be processed.

  • Add validation rules.

  • Add data cleansing rules.

  • Deliver the RiskWeb application for your MGAs to install with a couple of clicks.

  • MGAs will drag and drop a Bordereau Excel Spreadsheet onto the RiskWeb application.

  • Automatic custom validation will be carried out and any failures will be highlighted on a returned spreadsheet.

  • Automatic emails can be sent for both successful and failed uploads.

  • In addition to using the RiskWeb application to accept spreadsheet data, MGAs can send data electronically to you via an interface that we provide. This will allow bordereau data to be transferred to your system.

  • Validation is carried out via the interface and failed data is identified.

  • Custom rules can be used to cleanse the data.

  • Custom documents can be created and sent back through to the calling system.

Confirm bordereau data

  • Once the spreadsheet is validated, it can be accepted, declined or deleted.

  • Your acceptance will result in a status change on the RiskWeb upload screen and provide a confirmation number to the MGA.

  • When declining or deleting, a reason will be captured that is passed back to the MGA.

Update your in-house systems

  • Our custom Report Designer is used to create a bespoke data extract of the entry that is then automatically delivered to your systems using FTP or Dropbox etc. into various formats such as CSV, XML and DBF etc. You can for example send individual risk information or just accounting data for the bordereau totals.


  • Use our custom Report Designer to analyse your data.

  • Create charts.

  • Easily create Bordereaux and Triangulations.

  • Automatically schedule reports to be delivered in various formats using various delivery mechanisms. 

  • Send a spreadsheet weekly to a Dropbox account.

  • Send a PDF report on the last day of the month via email.

  • You may want to send bound risks to a third party claims administrator. You can send a CSV to their server using FTP each night.